Local Web Services

Tundra Web Services was started to provide a local source for anyone that has an idea that they may want to have a new web site built. Small business owners, event planners, local bands and even bloggers will benefit from having their new web site built by a local Northeastern Ohio resident. Instead of trying one of the many "build it yourself cookie cutter" type web sites we can offer you a better alternative.

Come on over, sit down for a bit while we get some kind of idea about what you are looking for and what you want out of your new web site. We understand that new web sites evolve as you get a better idea of your needs and your audience so, since we're local, give us a call and we can add more features as needed, keeping the initial cost of getting on-line down.

Local Computer Repair/Upgrade

Here at Tundra Web Services we also can take care of many common computer repair problems. By far, the majority of computer issues can be easily fixed just by cleaning the system of unwanted nasties (viruses - trojans - worms) and/or memory upgrades. Many older computers can do everything that you need to do, they just need a little loving care. Sometimes the difference between having a working computer or not having one is simple house cleaning.
Instead of calling a repair technician to your home or dropping off your computer at the local Big Box Store for repair, you can drop it off here and for a flat $40 fee, we'll evaluate it and either repair it for pick-up the next day or advise you on whatever issues may need to be dealt with. Occasionally we come across computer repair issues that go beyond what we try to do. For those critically ill computers we work with 2 different tech shops in the area for anything we can't handle and will advise them of all the information we have gathered in our examination. Of course, when that happens there will be no charge for the initial evaluation by us.

We are also committed to providing rebuilt computers to families with school kids that can't afford one. If you have an older computer that you no longer use we'll repair and clean it and set it up like new and pass it along. We even invite you provide us with potential recipients of these computers.

C'mon, it's Time

It's time to get out there on the internet. We will help with your new domain name and registration and host most sites ourselves. There are currently 5 billion people on the World Wide Web and, while we don't expect you'll need to talk to all of them, lol, we provide you with a chance to expand that local business of yours. Please look around our web site to see what we offer and then give Tundra Web Services a call. For a new FaceBook page to promote your business please visit our Social Media page

PC Repair Computer Repair

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Veteran Owned Business

We offer a 20% discount for veterans. Bring us any Military ID, Veterans Assoc. ID, DD Form 214 or a good story to receive the discount.